07th Mar 2012

Latest Trends in Kayaks and Kayaking


Kayaking in general and kayak fishing have really taken off across the country during the past few years. Most of our protected waterways host kayakers in varying numbers. It is one of boating’s growth areas.

The choice of kayaks has expanded accordingly. Most people enter with smaller, cheaper kayaks then gradually progress to more upmarket models as experience and confidence grow. You can spend just a few hundred dollars on a kayak or several thousand, depending on how serious you become about the sport.

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22nd Feb 2012

Shade Sails and Shade Cloth

shade sails shade cloth australia

It appears shade sails and shade cloth are changing forever the way Australians use their outdoor space.

In the older suburbs the outdoor entertainment area and much of the garden was often protected from the summer sun by tall, shady trees.

While visually attractive, trees occupy considerable space and with the average house block shrinking in size over the past decade or so, space for gardening, let alone tall shady trees, is now at a premium.

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23rd Nov 2011

Tablet Computers Buyer’s Guide

tablet computer australia

It’s taken a while for the market to kick into gear, but tablet computers are quickly becoming today’s must-have gadget. Whether it’s browsing the web, reading ebooks, watching movies, playing games or just using some of the huge range of apps, tablets are capturing everyone’s attention.

There is a diverse range of tablet computers now on the market, from the iconic Apple iPad 2 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. While Google’s Android operating system has made some significant strides forward with recent updates, it is clear that Android based tablets still haven’t caught up to the iPad’s ease of use and fluency, which is likely to improve further with the rollout of the Apple’s new iOS 5 operating system.

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