Important Considerations When Buying A Second Hand or Used Laptop

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Buying a second hand laptop can be a bargain but it pays to do your research.

While buying a second hand laptop invariably starts with a calculation of how much money you’ve got to spend, there are many more things you should take into account.

It all depends on how much you’ve got to spend and what you want to do with the used laptop.

Generally you’re buying a laptop that is two to three years old but is going to do the same as a brand new one for far less cost. Refurbished laptops can be very reasonably priced, with notebooks typically available in the $200 to $300 range. They also can be more than sufficient to meet the needs of the casual computer user.

However, be aware that you shouldn’t expect a refurbished laptop to come with as large a hard-drive capacity or as much RAM (random access memory – a form of data storage) as one fresh off the production line, although this often can be added to through the use of a portable hard drive or other external data storage methods.

Nor do most refurbished notebooks come with a suite of software programs, such as Microsoft Office. You will have to spend a little more money on these things.

When looking for a second hand laptop you will find refurbished corporate laptops tend to have had a “better life” than their privately owned counterparts. In general, businesses tend to look after their tools better.

It is recommended you give the machine the The number of scratches and dents generally are tell-tale signs of whether the machine has had a good life. The age of the machine will often provide another good indication.

Inevitably, the warranty attached to a refurbished laptop will be less than one that is backed by the manufacturer for a new machine. Look for someone who has a guarantee and is going to look after you down the track. If you don’t know a lot about computers, you should always go to a dealer and get a warranty. You should be looking to secure a minimum 30-day warranty that covers a broad range of possible problems.

There are not a lot of good refurbished laptops on the market in comparison with refurbished desktops so be prepared to shop around.


Things to consider when purchasing a second hand or refurbished laptop computer:

  • Work out your budget
  • Consider how much memory and what programs you will need
  • Look at the condition of the laptop before buying it, along with its age
  • What parts has it been repaired with?
  • Consider the warranty and who is supplying it