21st Jul 2008

Feel Under Stress? Easy Relaxation Tips For Stress Relief

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Do you feel stressed and tired most of the time? Are you suffering symptoms of stress and fatigue? Learning some easy relaxation techniques can improve your health, reduce your stress and relieve anxiety. If you are constantly tired then learning relaxation skills may improve your sleep patterns. But how do you find the time if you are busy person?

Learning the basics of relaxation for stress relief is not difficult if you practice regularly. There are several key skills that are common to almost all relaxation methods. These are:

Learn To Notice Physical Signs Of Tension
Start paying attention to your body and how it feels at different times of the day. Take a few moments and just notice how your body feels. Is there any tension anywhere? Is your breathing fast or slow? Is it shallow or deep? Do you have a headache or a clenched jaw? Do you feel relaxed or tense? Describe the feelings in your body. This is called a ‘body scan’.

Each person experiences tension in his or her own way. Doing a body scan several times a day will help you get to know your body better. Recognizing signs of stress and tension early is an easy relaxation skill.

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