11th Jul 2008

Rowing Machines – the facts you need to know

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Rowing machines simulate the action of rowing on land in order to provide the excercise benefits. Rowing machines exercise the arms, legs and back to give a whole body workout.

Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine
A rowing machine is designed to imitate actual boat rowing so that it feels the same as if you are pushing oars through water as you use the machine. Rowing machines are the ideal fitness equipment for losing weight and improving your stamina, as well as burning calories and rehabilitating muscles and joints after an injury.

A rowing machine workout achieves both a cardiovascular and a muscle workout. This translates to getting a full body workout on just one machine. If you are looking for exercise equipment that is low-impact and that can provide everything from fat-burning aerobic workouts to anaerobic strength-training workouts, you should consider purchasing a rowing machine. A proper workout on one of these machines can help you to burn up to 15 calories per minute, allowing you to maintain or improve fitness levels with a workout time of only 20 minutes.

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