16th Jul 2008

Plasma vs LCD TV? A HDTV Buyers guide

plasma vs lcd tv australia

The wide screen TV market has become so competitive that even full high definition (HD) plasma or LCD 1080p TVs are now selling for a fraction of what they were just a year or two ago.

LCD displays continue to improve, although the best plasma TVs offer a higher contrast ratio. This means a bigger colour range between black and white, delivering the most lifelike images. However LCD TVs typically consume half the power of a similarly sized plasma, so your decision may well end up being based on thoughts of your power bill as much as image quality.

Check the display signal
Some stores only show standard definition (SD) video on their display TVs. This is plain stupid because it doesn’t allow you to see how the TVs display HDTV or Blu-ray video, which makes choosing on quality all but impossible. SD quality is important, but if you are buying a 1080p TV, viewing 1080p content is a must.

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