13th Feb 2009

Home Theatre Systems Setup Guide

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If you’re building a complete home theatre system the first thing to keep in mind is not to expect it to go together quickly. By the time you put together the speakers, connect all the wiring to your TV and then try to figure out the remote control unit, I’d be surprised if you could do a system in under a couple of hours.

Read The Manual
Many of these devices have to be linked together in a chain for them to work. For example, your TV aerial has to go to your set-top box and the video output of the set-top box to your TV. If you don’t get the connections right, that’s when things can go pear-shaped. It actually makes sense to read through the manual before you start pulling bits out of plastic bags. You need to get an idea of what you’re in for, so while it’s very tempting to starting ripping into the job, it’ll go much faster if you read the manual first.

Unfortunately, every new bit of technology these days seems to come with a new way of connecting to other bits, and it’s now at the point where there are as many as a dozen different types of connectors for you to get confused over. However if you master this, you should be able to put just about anything together. Now let’s take a look at the setup of a typical home theatre system.

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