18th Jun 2010

Cheapest 3D TV

Cheapest 3D TV Australia

In Australia 3D TVs are finally appearing in electronics and retail stores such as Harvey Normans, Dick Smiths, JB HiFi, Jaycar and Leading Edge. 3D TV in Australia is becoming a reality due to the popularity of successful 3D movies in cinemas, and the availability of 3D content on Blu-ray. Some industry execs have argued that the shift from 2D to 3D is as significant as the move from black and white to colour, or the shift from standard to high definition.

How 3D TV Works

  1. The TV Broadcast is actually two images side by side, each filmed at a slightly different angle.
  2. The 3D TV combines the two images and overlays one over the other, which makes the resultant image blurry to the naked eye.
  3. 3D Glasses connect to the TV and rapidly open and close shutters in the lenses (at least 100 times per second) to deliver a different image to each eye.
  4. The Viewer is tricked into seeing the broadcast images in three dimensions.

3D Glasses
The most common 3D TV format requires the viewer to wear a set of active glasses. These battery powered glasses do alot of the work to produce the 3D effect. Active glasses synchronise with the refresh rate of the 3D TV and alternate the polarisation of each lens, allowing the wearer of the glasses to see 3D images. With this technology, viewers can be watching a normal 2D movie and then switch to viewing a 3D movie.

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