13th Dec 2010

Best Value Big Screen HDTVs

best value big screen HDTVs

The prices of big screen HDTVs have been in freefall over the last 12 months. Interest in 3DTV has waned somewhat despite the hype from TV manufacturers, with a number of 3DTVs now available under $2000 for the first time. This has affected prices of 2D TVs, with many 50 inch and 55 inch models including excellent image quality and other extras for a prices between $1,300 and $2,000.


HDTV Buyer’s Guide

While you may be tempted to get the biggest TV you can afford, you need to be aware of where your new TV will go. There is no point getting a 55 inch TV if you will be sitting about a metre away from it. A good rule of thumb is that for every metre of diagonal screen size you should be sitting between 2-3 metres away from the screen.

Here are some other things to consider:

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